Concept & Design by Man-Ping Wu
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Semester:  Fall 2016
Class:  CT431 Intro to UX design

Professor’s Comments: Grocery shopping is a drag. You’ve got to make a list, maneuver around all those other shopping carts, wander up and down down aisles because they moved the Fancy Feast and you can’t find it and then wait on a twisty line for eternity. But what if the only hard thing to deal with was other shoppers? What if everything else was made easy? That’s what Simpro does and I think it’s brilliant. I love that it tells you what is and is not in stock. I love that your list starts with stuff you’ve been buying. And I super duper love that my list is color-matched to the aisles which has that thing. No more reading those aisle signs that are never complete or asking some employee who doesn’t know where the Fancy Feast is either. How I wish grocery shopping were this easy. Interestingly, Amazon debuted their smart food store concept right at the end of the semester and Man-Ping was devastated until we looked a little closer. It turns out her app solves a number of problems that Amazon has not – like the list and availability problem and the color-matched aisles. Even with Amazon gnawing at her heels, Simpro is still pretty great.