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Semester:  Fall 2015
Class:  CT431 Intro to UX design

Professor’s Comments: Bird watching is quite the complicated hobby. It involves books, binoculars and lots of memorization. Its a hobby for smart people. But what about the rest of us average IQ folks? Pecten to the rescue. It tells you where the critters are hanging out. You go there, snap a picture (actually 6 shots from each camera button press), and voila! A detailed info card that you can save to your list. Collect them all! Its bird watching for the Pokemon generation. I especially like the UX details like automatically going into camera mode by turning your phone to landscape. Or the bird ID card that pops up on the home screen when a bird on your list is nearby. Or the feather system denoting type and rarity of bird by color and fill. The whole app is pretty smart – which is good for average folks like me who like birds.