Concept & Design by Emily Frost
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Semester:  Fall 2015
Class:  CT431 Intro to UX design

Professor’s Comments: Pacifier’s best feature is that it will listen to your baby’s cry and determine the most likely solution based on an ever-growing database of past successes – great for new nannies or family caretakers. The timeline of the baby’s day allows parents to be informed in real time of everything going on with their bundle of joy without having to worry or ask. I really love the color and design choices Emily has made. Little visual details like the crying sound-wave being made up of circles rather than the traditional harsh vertical lines add to the feeling of the soft and joyful feeling associated with babies. From a UX standpoint, Pacifier’s features are obvious, easy and friendly. And the inclusion of voice controls is a thoughtful way to allow the user access to important features without having to put down the baby. They say babies should come with instruction manuals. Now they do.