Concept & Design by Beamae Bueno
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Semester:  Spring 2015
Class:  CT441 Creative Technology

Professor’s Comments:  I was very wary about this project at first. Not only does it encourage a form of travel that is a dubious system hack, but online airline booking is a notoriously difficult UI problem. But Beamae turned the limitations of this form of travel into a design advantage. Because “Hidden City Travel” demands fair weather (bad weather can reroute your flight and skip your hidden city altogether), and you aren’t allowed to check any luggage (because you aren’t going where you say you are and you don’t want your luggage to go any further than you do), this significantly decreased the number of decisions a flyer has to make. All Beamae had to do from there was arrange the available flights into an easy to understand visual hierarchy and user flow. She did an incredible job. I wish booking real flights were this easy!