Concept & Design by Albania Perez
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Semester:  Fall 2015
Class:  CT431 Intro to UX design

Professor’s Comments: Before I leave the house I check the weather. If I’m going someplace new, Google Maps. No one wants to get lost or wet. You know what else no wants to get? Robbed. Aware addresses this problem beautifully. Using police precinct data, it tells you where certain kinds of crime have been happening and how often. My favorite feature is the time slider which lets you check for the likelihood of crimes based on the time of day. And if Google Maps leads you into a sketchy neighborhood Aware will alert and even reroute you! Big data is difficult to visually simplify and present interactively, but when it is done thoughtfully it looks obvious – and that’s what Albania has achieved here. On a final note, Albania’s icon choices to represent crimes are hilarious. That’s a Molotov cocktail for disturbances and yes, that’s an ass being slapped for harassment.