Concept & Design by Melissa Agatielli
Melissa’s Portfolio Site

Semester:  Fall 2015
Class:  CT431 Intro to UX design

Professor’s Comments: Melissa really impressed me with her research into the current state of museum digital experiences. She went to multiple museums in NYC and tried their tours and interactive programs including the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum which gives visitors an interactive pen/stylus that works with the exhibits. This extensive research highlighted the best and worst parts of a second screen experience for art which she addresses elegantly in her app. Although Artchive would require the extensive cooperation of museums worldwide, it is designed to provide tons of useful information and many incentives to visit these museums in person. The concept of “collecting” art by visiting it is a great use of augmented reality. I can imagine well traveled art lovers using the app as a private treasure hunt. I also really love Melissa’s minimal approach to UI. Everything is clear without competing with the art content in any way.