Professor Minh Dan Pham

I work as a UX Lead during the day and teach classes at FIT in the evening. My curriculum focuses on the basics of flow charting, wireframing and UI design with an emphasis on the mobile experience. Grasp of a good user experience is taught via ongoing discussions about a student’s project as they flesh it out. What happens if I push this button? What if I want to go back? How can we show these 3 pieces of information in a single info graphic? Do we even need a sign in page? Like that. I’ve found that trying to verbally explain what exactly constitutes good UX is a bit like trying to explain what it’s like to be in love. Better to have students experience good and bad UX in an actual design scenario.

This site is mainly a showcase for my students. These are the projects that were the most clearly thought through and executed as minimum viable products (MVPs). Extra points are granted for visual design, but the main criteria for these projects are: Does it make sense? Could I jump straight into your product and figure it out? Will the payoff be worth the effort?

In addition to a solid grasp of UX design as a discipline, the students featured here represent the best creatives you could hope to work with. They are all curious, open, friendly, collaborative and hard working. More to the point, each one of these students not only produced the high calibre work showcased here, they all consistently met their deadlines while smiling in the face of endless changes. These stellar designers will absolutely grow into admired young professionals given an opportunity.

You can find each designer’s contact information at the bottom of each project.