Concept & Design by Christian Browne
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Semester:  Spring 2016
Class:  CT441 Creative Technology

Professor’s Comments:  Rather than design an app, Christian chose to supplement his senior thesis about AI with a survey and infographic. AI is starting to become ubiquitous in our everyday lives, but is limited to a disembodied voice. Soon this voice will inevitably be accompanied with some kind of visual representation. What kind of visual will people want? Are the assumptions of Hollywood and the video game industry correct or are they terribly misaligned with people’s actual desires? In order to get to the bottom of this, Christian spent weeks putting together an online survey complete with visuals and audio to gauge people’s real desires and preferences. 

The problem was that his detailed survey collected too much data and he had to sift through it all to find overall trends that would be interesting. Thankfully the data was both shocking and hilarious. Christian and I are both fans of Gmunk’s UI work so he was encouraged to pursue that kind of aesthetic to complement the futuristic nature of his project. Christian’s survey got high marks for ease of use and his infographic is both beautiful and simple to decipher. So although this is not a typical UX project, it is one of my favorites.